Character of the Day: Wil Sturm, human paladin

This is what will hopefully be a regular series of posts. The basic idea behind it is I will create and post a fully developed level 1 character, with at least one paragraph of back story. It won’t always be daily, but I’m aiming for three a week. That’s about one every other day.

Usually the character will be based upon a miniature, otherwise it will just be an awesome (in my mind) concept I thought of. To kick it off, meet Wil Sturm, human paladin of Kord, based on the Pentifex Monolith miniature.

pentifex monolith

Wil was born for battle. Born into a family fully devoted to Kord, god of  storms, he was trained from the moment he could walk to uphold the values of the lord of battle. His mentor, the eccentric dwarven cleric Morgran Stonecaller , filled Wil’s mind with the concepts of pride in battle and glory in victory. He gifted the family’s bastard sword to him upon his 18th birthday, and rigorously trained him in its use. Wil seemed ready to take on his duties as a protector of his town, when a strange occurance marked him for greater things.

On one of his regular sojourns into the wilderness with Morgran, Wil was gathering materials for setting up camp. With not a cloud in the sky, divine lightning struck the sword strapped to his back. The weapon was torn from its sheath and embedded into a nearby tree, while Wil himself was thrown to the ground. Amazingly, not a mark was left by the searing lightning. The sword, sparks dancing across the blade, seemed to have become more than just a sword, but upon Wil removing it from the tree, it reverted to its original appearance.

Leaving the town with Morgran and his family’s blessing, Wil now wanders the world on a pilgramage to awaken his blade once more, and determine what exactly Kord has planned for him.

And there you have it. I probably won’t ever use this character, as I am the only person seemingly willing to DM in my group. But I hope the concept inspires something, anything in you.

Stay tuned for my next character concept, what I’m thinking is going to be an elven or eladrin rogue.

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&DI Character Builder ======
Wil Sturm, level 1
Human, Paladin

Str 17, Con 11, Dex 10, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 16.

Str 17, Con 11, Dex 10, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 14.

AC: 10 Fort: 15 Reflex: 12 Will: 15
HP: 26 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 6

Heal +6, Religion +5, Endurance +5, Intimidate +8, Insight +6

Acrobatics, Arcana, Bluff +3, Diplomacy +3, Dungeoneering +1, History, Nature +1, Perception +1, Stealth, Streetwise +3, Thievery, Athletics +3

Human: Human Perseverance
Level 1: Weapon Proficiency (Bastard sword)

Paladin at-will 1: Valiant Strike
Paladin at-will 1: Enfeebling Strike
Human: Holy Strike
Paladin encounter 1: Fearsome Smite
Paladin daily 1: Paladin’s Judgment

Bastard sword, Plate Armor, Heavy Shield, Pouch, Belt (empty), Sunrods (2), Waterskin, Flint and Steel, Flask (empty)
====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&DI Character Builder ======


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