Tau Progress Report #2

I am kicking ass at this so far. Here’s what’s done:

12 Fire Warriors + Devilfish – Done

3 Stealth Suits – Done (but could use a little highlighting on the black areas)

Crisis suit with fusion blaster and flamer – 1/2 done



I picked up some more stuff at the Gameshop: another box of Stealth Suits, the Crisis Commander box, a box of Fire Warriors for my pulse carbine-armed squad, a blister of Pathfinders and one of Pathfinders with rail rifles.

Progress is pretty good so far, if I do say so myself.

And for something different, here are a few shots of my Inquisitor models. There are some interesting stories to go with these guys, which I’ll share in a later post.

Inquisitor Vectrus

Inquisitor Vectrus – This is the guy I usually used. Made from the Arbite judge figure, with a really bad mullet sculpted on. I don’t know how to sculpt.

Preacher Arthur

Preacher Arthur. Straight up Preacher Josef figure with an Ork gun added as a pistol.

Osma, Arco-flagellant

Arco-flagellant Osma. Simple Damien 1427 figure.

Kroot Mercenary

A Kroot Mercenary that I bought at the GW auction at the Eaton Centre in Toronto a while back.

Rogue Trader Threadbare

Rogue Trader. If I recall correctly, his name was Bobbin Threadbare, so named by my buddy who was using him.

Tim the Mutant

Another figure I got at the auction, Tim the Mutant was named after a particularly annoying classmate of mine. He has the distinction of being probably the only character to not know that when you throw a demo-charge, you run after.

I will share more detailed stories in the near future. Back to the painting table!


4 Responses to Tau Progress Report #2

  1. P-Dawg says:

    hey i just found this forum can i post pics of my models here?

  2. vectorman says:

    This isn’t actually a forum. It’s my blog. If you want somewhere to post pictures of your own models, try http://www.dicetroll.com.

  3. Adam says:

    Hey dude. Was having a surf about the net and came across your Tau army.

    Looking good so far and I’m loving the red. Red Tau always look awesome.

    Anyways, if you need some painting tips or advice on army building (aka: how to murder people on the tabletop!), feel free to throw me an email

  4. Adam says:

    I was going to point out my blog which may have been of use to you, but any links are discarded 😦

    It’s in my profile if you’re interested.

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